Pregnancy Care

Acupuncture Treatment During Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant provides the biggest change and hormonal shift in a women’s body since puberty. It is not surprising then, that the body struggles to remain balance during this upheaval. From the first trimester with nausea, fatigue to the second trimester with heartburn and fatigue and the final trimester with back pain and oedema, there is a lot of symptoms that can occur. However just because they are common, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do about it.


Acupuncture provides excellent treatment throughout pregnancy because it is effective and drug free. Many medicines, even over the counter remedies are not suitable during this time and many mums to be wish to go through the pregnancy without taking any medicines.

Pregnancy Care

Acupuncture Treatment for Constipation in Pregnancy

There are many conditions which can occur during pregnancy. With increased progesterone which softens bowel tissue and the weight of the fetus pressing on the intestines constipation is a common, uncomfortable and distressing condition. It is the sluggish movement of the bowels that can often lead to hemorrhoids at this time.


Due to there flushing action, it is not recommended to use laxatives during pregnancy and so acupuncture can provide a subtle, safe and effective method of regulating the digestive system.


In combination with possible changes in diet and exercises, it is possible to maintain a healthy bowel movement throughout the pregnancy. Acupuncture is used predominantly but herbal medicine can be effectively added in stubborn cases.

Pregnancy Care

Acupuncture for Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is often one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and is one of the most common complaints during the first trimester. It can also continue throughout a pregnancy. And it doesn’t have to just happen in the mornings!


In Chinese medicine, morning sickness is often seen as an imbalance between the liver and the stomach/spleen or from the accumulation of too much heat in the stomach. Differentiation is made on accompanying signs such as loss of appetite, heartburn etc.


Morning sickness can usually be treated by acupuncture alone. In severe and stubborn cases (such as Hyperemisis Gravidarum) herbal remedies may also be added.


Acupuncture is perhaps the most well known treatment for morning sickness. It is used in a basic form by midwives and there is a wide selection of wrist bands/accessories designed to reduce nausea by pressing on acupuncture points. These can be very beneficial adjuncts to treatment.


Dietary advice, concerning what to eat and when to eat plays an important role in this case and patients should be advised what is appropriate for hem.


In clinical practice, I find that many of my patients that I have treated prior to pregnancy and continue to treat throughout the 1st trimester suffer very little from morning sickness. And remember, simply because it is common this does not mean that nothing can be done and that you have to suffer.


Case Study


Mary was recommended by a friend who had already been treated for morning sickness at the clinic. She was in week 8 of the pregnancy and was feeling nauseous constantly throughout the day, while being sick probably once or twice each day. Within one treatment she stopped actually being sick. Within two treatments, her nausea greatly reduced and she had been able to go back to work fully. With the morning sickness gone, I continued to treat her for other conditions during the pregnancy such as heartburn, constipation and turning the position of the baby. These all went with great success until the birth of a happy and healthy baby girl. Mary continued to have treatment after the birth to get have strength back to normal as quickly as possible.

Pregnancy Care

Acupuncture Treatment for Pre-conception Care

Whether you have decided you wish to like to have a child now or are planning ahead, unfortunately becoming pregnant is often not as easy as we would like. With an increase in conditions such as polycystic ovaries and endometriosis as well as unexplained infertility, and male sperm count reportedly haven fallen 30% in the last ten years, becoming pregnant has become increasingly difficult. With couples also waiting until later to conceive which further reduces the chances, it is best to get your body in the best possible shape before.


Acupuncture works by balancing the hormonal cycle, relieving stress and providing optimum health for both partners.


Through improving the menstrual cycle, or improving the sperm count, we can improve the chances of and speed up conception. In turn, this would give your baby the best possible start in life.


For women who conceive at a time when their body is fit, strong and healthy, it also reduces the chances of complications during the full term.

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